Luxury Gated Golf Community In Ormond Beach Florida

What Exactly Is A CDD?



Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club is split between two counties-Flagler and Volusia Counties in Florida. These different counties carry different tax millage and each have a different HOA. The Prestwick HOA goes with the Volusia County side and the Westlake HOA coincides with the Flagler County side. Here is a breakdown of the two areas in Plantation Bay.


County                       HOA                            Milage

Flagler                        $165/quarter                       16.3081

Volusia                       $285/quarter                        22.164


In the Flagler County side of Plantation Bay there is a lot of new construction going on and a lot of the newer resale homes are available there. This appeals too many buyers especially when they see the cheaper taxes but remember the Flagler County side of Plantation Bay carries the Tomoka CDD. CDD refers to Community Development District and is easiest to be described as a bond the developer has taken with the county, which is passed on to buyers. This CDD will be found on your tax bill and will be wrapped into one. So if you are looking to buy a home with financing the CDD will be part of your tax bill payment. Don’t let this CDD scare you though. For most price ranges in Plantation Bay you will find, even with the CDD, the taxes to be lower.


At the end of the day, the cost of living in Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club is at a minimal. The amenities offered and condition of the community makes the taxes and HOA far worth what the community has to offer. As soon as you drive into the community you will notice the care and love each homeowner has and the respect we all have for our community. At the end of the day, Plantation Bay-no matter the county, is a beautiful community all located in Ormond Beach, FL..


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