What’s The Current Market Value Of Your Plantation Bay, Halifax Plantation Golf Home?


Online property valuation estimates will only get you so far. We’re a technology company and we certainly understand that a computer program can only get your valuation so close…as much as 25% or more off of your home’s actual current market value. I have yet to see any computer program that can perform these tasks accurately, at least not correctly!! Have you? This is where the human factor gets involved in the process. An experienced Realtor who has experience with the properties in your city, zip code and neighborhood. One who understands your neighborhood, what each model home is and what homes are selling for and how soon in today’s marketplace.

Use An Experienced, Trained Realtor

A licensed real estate professional who understands what similar properties has sold for and will give you an honest straightforward evaluation of your home’s value, and if needed, what improvements or cosmetic upgrades that your property may need to sell it for top dollar and not linger on the market, as many properties do without these minor corrections. Not saying that your home needs anything but sometimes just a “little tweak” will help your value and the time it takes to sell.    

You will receive:

  1. Local Data on Homes Similar to Yours
  2. I find the most similar homes to yours within a licensed appraiser’s allowable distance – currently for sale and recently sold to get a comprehensive view into your home’s current value and market position.
  3. Clear visualizations of what your home and others currently for sale around you are currently worth and match your home against your competition.
  4. Neighborhood comparison of nearby subdivisions.


No Two Homes Are Created Equal

No two homes are created equal. That’s why we also provide insights on your property’s attributes versus others in your neighborhood. To properly answer your question, “How Do You Determine How Much is My Property Worth”.  The information used is obtained from many different sources, including county assessors records, MLS listings and consumer, regional and behavior metrics to name a few. When you talk with me, you will be sure that you’re getting an accurate current market property valuation. You won’t receive some made up analysis in an attempt to try and gain your listing in hope of maybe selling your property, then constantly asking for price reductions, saying the property needs improvements or presenting you with non-qualified buyer offers.


Receive Your No-Cost, No-Obligation Property Valuation

Complete the form below as completely as you can, so that I can research your homes true, current market value. If needed, I may contact you before the report is complete for additional information. It could take up to 48 hours before I can throughly research, compile and complete your property value analysisThis is a free of charge, absolutely no obligation service provided by myself James Jestes of SRN Real Estate Pros.


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