Luxury Gated Golf Community In Ormond Beach Florida

Explaining The Plantation Bay Club Membership Tiers

club-de-bonmont-448Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club is a lavish active lifestyle community for the young and old alike in beautiful Ormond Beach, Florida. This particular community provides memberships at different levels in order to provide the premium lifestyle experience for all.  There are no age restrictions in Plantation Bay and the active lifestyle, amenities and homes have attracted adults from all over the United States, but the world too.

Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club provides premium amenities to all those who join the membership at any level. Residents are not required to be a member of the club and you may choose how much membership you would like. The memberships are on a tiered basis so you are never paying for amenities you wouldn’t utilize. However, membership is necessary in order to utilize the facilities in Plantation Bay.

The tiered membership starts with the social membership. Here is there is a beverage and food minimum which is easy to hit with the two restaurants within the neighborhood. Also, you are welcome to join any of the social event which includes Trivia Night, Comedy Night to Jazz Night. Events for all interests! Or even bring your family by for Sunday Brunch and enjoy the extensive buffet and made to order omelets on our beautiful patio.


The next tier allows use of the exercise and spa facilities along with all the social benefits mentioned above. Here you can join in on many of the fitness classes including Yoga and Water aerobics or enjoy a facial at the spa right here in Plantation Bay.

Now if you are a tennis nut, Plantation Bay is the place for you! The next membership allows use of the tennis courts (9 in total) and the additional bocce courts. The tennis league here spans from experts to newbies just trying to out for the first time. Our tennis coach is nationally ranked and helps out with both the women and men leagues.

Lastly, there is the golf membership. This attracts residents of all ages. Ride your personal cart out onto any of the 3 private courses here in Plantation Bay. There is also an aqua driving range and personal golf lessons available. Once again, this membership includes all listed above as well to keep anyone busy!

All of this is available just within the secure gates of Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club.

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Amenities Offered In Halifax Plantation!

Halifax Plantation is in the beautiful area of Ormond Beach FL. Right by Bulow Creek and Tomoka State Park. This community has a ton to do with lots of touristy places to see! On top of that, Halifax Plantation offers amenities to fit you and your loved ones ideas of fun! I’m sure you want to live somewhere that is safe, organized, and most of all fun!

Amenities At Halifax Plantation

This luxurious  community offers every golfer a dream come true. Why? Well, much is offered. Like the numerous pro golf facilities such as; a putting green. As well as the the chipping green with a sand trap, cart barn and driving range. Let’s just hope you don’t call out of work too much! If you’re not big on golfing, come check out the 25,000-sq. ft. clubhouse, tennis, swimming, riding and jogging paths as well as a fitness facility. Halifax Plantation has a ton, and you, your loved ones, and neighbors will have fun while enjoying your lovely community.

Halifax Plantation

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When you’re done with your day of exciting events, come by The Tavern by the Green for some delicious lunch where you’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with friends and family. Or, if you want something a little fancier for date night, maybe try out the Clubhouse where you can enjoy a more romantic atmosphere with some awesome food and drinks. The Clubhouse also gives you eye-catching views of the golf course too!

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Plantation Bay Pool Homes Are A Fantastic Purchase!

Located in Ormond Beach, Florida, Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club is a beautiful community with lots to see and do, keeping you and your neighbors wanting to spend tons of time enjoying it all! Plantation Bay pool homes kick it off by giving you and your loved ones a private resort pool side where you can avoid those overcrowded public pools, and unwind in the Florida sun!

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From fine dining, computer classes, and even karaoke, Plantation Bay keeps you busy! With the endless amounts of activities, you and your loved ones will always have a full day of fun waiting for you. Including 45 holes of golf, 10 lighted, clay tennis courts, 2 private clubs, a 7,000-sq. ft. fitness facility, bocce ball courts and an amazing spa offering all sorts of massages, facials and more to make sure you’re ready to start your day.

With tons of activities, Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club really gives you and your neighbors a truly enjoyable experience. If you have children, or if you don’t, this community gives each age group much to do, without having to go out and spend money!

Imagine coming home, getting your swim suit on, and jumping into your very own swimming pool, right in your backyard!

Dip your toes in that refreshing water while sipping on your favorite summer cocktail. Plantation Bay pool homes gives you the opportunity to turn your home into your permanent resort! With all sizes and shapes, this community allows you to customize your dream, and make that into a reality.

Why settle when you can find the perfect backyard addition. Plantation Bay pool homes makes every home unique in its simplest ways, giving you and your neighbor a sense of originality. This community has been making families and individuals ecstatic with the results, so come find your perfect home, at Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club!

Plantation Bay, Perfect Community?

Checklist of needs
Make a checklist

Is Plantation Bay the “perfect community?” When seriously thinking about purchasing a new home, many people tend to focus only on the types of features needed and the layout of the home.  But, the aspects of a perfectly suitable community are also important. We all want to find that “perfect community.” You may want a secure neighborhood where children ride their bikes or play outside without fear of negative consequences.  You may also reflect on what type of community resides within the neighborhood.  Does this area have a strong sense of community?  Do neighbors look out for one another?  Is there a community garden growing project, or community pool and other amenities to enjoy so I don’t have to leave home?  Are the grounds clean and are the common areas well maintained?  Once you begin the process of identifying your needs, a hundred questions will come to the forefront of your mind.

Plantation Bay Offers A Lifestyle For Generations

Some buyers seek a location with easy access to freeways, shopping, schools and restaurants.  Others may desire more privacy and want to reside in a remote, country setting.  It is extremely important to understand what communities provide to homeowners, as the decision to purchase a home is one of the most vital investment decisions that occur in a lifetime and can be costly if you wind up unhappy after the fact.  As you take time to identify what features you need in your new home, it is wise to also discover what community characteristics are important to your family’s well-being and enjoyment.

PB Nature Trail
Nature Trail in Plantation Bay

Plantation Bay is located within Ormond Beach, Florida which lies between north of Daytona Beach, Florida along the Atlantic coast.  It is a gated community with guards stationed at the entry gates. Being a private golf community, homeowners feel secure strolling the sidewalks, nature parks and along the lake and fountain areas.

Plantation Bay Deer
Deer in Preserve Area

Children find enjoyment at the specified playground areas. It is a secluded subdivision wrapped among wooded preserves, so the natural wonder surrounding these homes will exist in future years to come.  You wake up to deer roaming the woods behind your backyard and tropical birds singing, flying from tree to tree.  At night, you may even see an owl silently swoop by.

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With 3,600 acres of land, Plantation Bay is surrounded by a top ranked championship golf course consisting of 45 holes of golf with two full service Clubhouses, as well as 10 tennis courts including courts for bocce ball and basketball,  a pristine pool pavilion, and natural walking trails and nature parks.  A full service fitness center and spa is located within Plantation Bay’s Wellness center. This community is suited for families, retirees, and professionals as it caters to the many different needs of homeowners.

PB Pool Pavilion
Pool Pavilion

Plantation Bay Offers Many Home Choices

The best part of this community is the ability to choose to either build your own custom home, purchase a newly built home, or a recently owned home.  If you seek a secure, remote community with easy access to freeways, the beach, and major attractions, Plantation Bay is the perfect choice.  Enjoy your lifestyle without ever having to leave the neighborhood in this perfect community.

Golf Etiquette At Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club

pb-golf-3Before you start a round of golf at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club Prestwick, Club de Bonmont or Westlake courses, you must be familiar with golf etiquette. Most golfers have heard the term “golf etiquette,” but even experienced golfers may not know all the rules. While the term etiquette typically refers to polite manners, in golf it can mean the difference between enjoying the game or having a slow round, leaving the course in good condition or damaging it for the next players, or, most importantly, staying safe or getting hurt. Your golf pro can give you the basics, and you can find a comprehensive list issued by the PGA (Professional Golf Association).

Safety First

Be well aware of your surroundings on the practice tee and on the golf course. Never swing your club in an area where you may hit others, and stay away from golfers who are swinging their clubs. When you practice your swing, make sure to direct your club away from other golfers in case you hit a rock or debris that can strike another player. On the course, wait until the group in front of you moves out of range before you hit your ball. Of course, there may be times when you hit the shot of a lifetime and the ball goes further than you expected. In that case, shout “Fore!” to warn others.

Pace of Play

The problem of slow play is addressed in the by the USGA in their lighthearted “While We’re Young” campaign. In fact, the problem is easily remedied. Be ready to hit when it’s your turn, and consider the “ready play” rule rather than waiting for the player who is furthest from the hole. Limit your time spent looking for a lost ball, and refrain from “fishing” for balls in lakes. Another tip when two players share a cart is to drive to a convenient spot and have both players walk to their ball at the same time. The bottom line is to keep up with the pace of play of the group in front of you, and allow a faster group to play through if a space does open up ahead.

Golf Carts

Golf cart etiquette is part of overall golf etiquette. Follow the rules posted in the cart and be especially careful at intersections and around the clubhouse. Adhere to signs indicating “no carts beyond this point” and arrows that point to the path. Golf carts should stay at least 30 yards away from the greens, and you should never drive near grassy mounds, bunkers or water hazards. Most courses do not allow carts on par-3 holes. Golfers should follow “90 degree” rules when they are in effect, and after a rain, you may see the “cart path only” rule to protect the turf.

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